Sunday, December 09, 2007

Undocumented LotusScript R8loaded

Here’s a short list of undocumented LotusScript properties and methods I built out the Notes R8 notes32.tlb type library.

Usual caution applies to such unsupported materiel. Use this at your personal convenience with no guarantee.

  • NotesDatabase
    archiveDestinations : Variant
  • NotesDocument
    SequenceTime : Variant
Plot Undocumented DOM LotusScript Using Visual Basic 2005 Express free Edition and Use Rational Rose to Identify Undocumented DOM Properties and Methods detail steps to follow in order to dive into Domino/Notes R8 LotusScript hidden features. Undocumented DOM LotusScript Inventory details LotusScript undocumented properties and methods in Notes Release 7.

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